Slipper Pedestal Tubs

Slipper Pedestal and Free Standing Bathtubs

Slipper Pedestal and Freestanding Tubs are in a class all by themselves. With the beautiful high-back at one end (or both), a pedestal or freestanding tub creates an elegant look which no other tub can match.  Available in cast-iron and acrylic styles, slipper pedestal, and freestanding tubs are sure to enhance the look of your bathroom and will give you hours of relaxation like you have never experienced before. 

Of all the Victorian or vintage style bathtubs, the Slipper Pedestal Free Standing bathtub design is a most-popular choice. In your search for the perfect bathtub for your bath room you will find there are two types of slipper tubs; the Single Slipper and the Double Slipper.

The Single Slipper Tub is for one person to bathe in. One end of the bath tub sweeps up to create an elegant tub end for the bather to recline on. The other end of the tub is the blunt end where the feet will be placed during the bath. The Slipper end on some tubs can sweep up a full six inches and that is such a graceful look. Just thinking about it, you have to get the bubble bath and candles ready! A Double Ended Slipper Bath Tub describes the tub that has two ends that sweep up in the extended ends.

The drain for the waste water to be released from the tub will be at the low end or blunt end of the tub. Above the drain hole on the bathtub wall will generally be a hole for the drain and overflow assembly. The overflow holes is how the water is released if the faucet should be left on and the tub water would begin to flow over the top edge of the tub. The overflow hole directs the water down the overflow pipe and on down into the drain. The low end of the tub is typically where the faucet will be placed. Some bathtubs have faucet holes at the low end so the faucet can be placed directly onto the rim or deck of the bat tub. If you love the look of a bath tub, but it doesn't have any faucet holes on it, don't be concerned. You can take a look at our free standing faucets and see that we have you taken care of. A free standing faucet is placed next to the bath tub so the water can flow from the faucet into the bath tub. The freestanding faucet has water supply lines that connect to our house water supply lines in the floor. Now if your water supply lines are in the wall, you still have no worries. We have beautiful bath room wall faucets as well. In this instance, since there are no faucet holes and no water supply lines in the floor, you simply place your beautiful free standing slipper pedestal tub next to the bathroom wall and the water will flow from the wall faucet into the Slipper Tub.

Black, White or Red?

If your personal style screams color, never fear, we have the color of tub you are looking for! Nearly all our Pedestal Tubs can be painted on the exterior to match any color from Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar and others. You literally choose the color from your local paint store, give us the color code and we paint YOUR tub YOUR color. For those who have a design sense that is even more elaborate, we can offer you a customized, one-of-a-kind, designer tub, Just take a look at The Tub Connection website and give us a call so we can answer all of your questions you may have regarding customization of a tub. Our technicians and artisans are on duty so make the toll free call 877-795-5684 and ask all of your questions, place your order and wait for your tub to arrive in just a few days!.

All of our tubs are available in packages too, which will enable you to save even more money. As you surf our website, you can see that we have many different sizes of tubs and many different shapes. Even though a tub may be described as a pedestal tub, no two are exactly alike. The pedestal base and tub may be one piece or separate pieces. The pedestal can be smooth and plain or it can be molded and decorative. There are so many options that they can't all be listed. The tub on top of the pedestal can be a single slipper, a double slipper, double ended or rolled rim. Any tub that you can envision you will find here. 

Here is a reminder that the tubs you find here are freestanding tubs. This term means that the tub can be placed anywhere in the room. Many modern-day tubs have two attractive sides to them so they have to be placed in a corner so the two "unfinished" sides can't be seen. Not so with our tubs, they are beautiful all the way around. 

You will also find there are many faucet options with our inventory of tubs. Some will have no faucet holes and will, therefore, require freestanding water supply lines and faucet. Other tubs you see may have holes on the rim or deck of the tub. That style of tub requires deck-mount faucets and fixtures. Another style of tub is the true vintage style that you will have seen on antique cast iron tubs. That is when there are faucet holes in the bathtub wall. The faucets for those tubs are specialty items that you can find on our site. Every tub that you purchase here will also have the corresponding faucet and plumbing fixtures here as well. 

Discover quality products at discounted prices here at The Tub Connection. We will always give you the best service and fast delivery of products. Plus, we offer Free Shipping on all Continental US orders.

Both our regular pedestal and freestanding tubs and those with the slipper design may be customized or painted to match a look you want. You may also add a complete plumbing package which includes everything you need to install your tub. Remember, all of our pedestal and freestanding slipper tubs include Free Shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States.