Double Ended Clawfoot Tubs



Double Ended Clawfoot Bathtubs

Double Ended Clawfoot Tubs are classically-styled tubs which have enjoyed a high degree of popularity over the years. Similar in many ways to the classic Rolled Rim models, Double Ended (or Dual Ended) Clawfoot Bathtubs have a uniform height from one end of the tub to the other. Unlike the Rolled Rim's, the Double Ended Tub has two ends which allow one to recline while bathing. 

These models are typically longer than the more-traditional classic rolled rim tubs as they are available in lengths of up to 72 inches long. They are also more spacious than other tubs. With this style of tub, there may be room for two people to fit comfortably. Additionally, because both ends of the tub are an inclined plane, two people may recline on the ends.

Double ended tubs are designed with the faucet installed in the middle of the tub on the rim (dual ended pedestal tubs as well). This design feature is essential since both ends of the tub are inclined for maximum relaxation.

There are faucet style and finish options available. Select a deck mounted faucet, freestanding faucet, or bathroom wall mounted faucet. It is important to know the type of faucet required prior to ordering. Faucet holes on the rim of the tub require a deckmount faucet. No faucet holes allows a choice of freestanding or wall-mount faucet.

With all clawfoot models, you may choose from a variety of foot finishes. Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze have equaled Chrome in popularity. Other finishes are available upon request. The three aforementioned finishes are also available on the faucet and fixtures.

All of our tubs are available with complete plumbing packages. A package includes the tub, faucet, drain & overflow, as well as water supply lines, all at a discounted rate. Save money by purchasing all of these together. 

Any of our bathtubs may be custom painted. This is a popular option which many choose to take advantage of. Bathtubs may be painted any single, solid color or one of our multi paint finishes, such as Copper Bronze. Only the exterior of the tub is painted.

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