Double Ended Slipper Clawfoot Tubs

Double Ended Slipper Clawfoot Bathtubs

Double Ended Slipper Bathtubs give you the most-luxurious bathing experience of all. Each tub is very roomy (often enough room for two) and has a raised back at both ends of the tub which allows you to lay back and relax as you enjoy unequalled soaking pleasure.  The double ended slipper tub is the most luxurious looking of all the tubs. It screams glamour and elegance!  Picture a double ended slipper tub filled with fluffy white effervescent bubbles, a side table with lit scented candles, champagne, you and your favorite companion. What a vision!

We have a variety of dual-ended tubs for you to choose from. They are available in both a clawfoot tub and pedestal tub design plus we offer our models in a few different sizes for you to choose from.  Clawfoot and pedestal tubs are each considered "free standing" tubs, as they aren't attached to a wall.  Since the tubs are free standing it doesn't matter what direction the tub is installed in because they look the same on both sides. Some pedestal tubs do have a "back side" because the drain and overflow assembly may be on the inside wall of the tub so it has to have an access panel.  If there is a Pedestal Tub that you are interested in just give us a call and we can answer pertinent questions like this for you. Another item to consider is where the waste water will drain. The clawfoot tub requires and drain and overfow assembly which carries the waste water out of the tub.  The drain hole in the tub make not be where the drain hole in the floor needs to be.  The drain & overflow assembly carries the waste water 2- 3 inches away from the drain hole toward the rim of the tub. This may sound confusing so, please, call our toll free number so we can discuss all the specifications and particulars of installation so your experience is a great one.   

Our clawfoot double ended tubs are available with your choice of claw foot finishes (such as chrome, brushed nickel, & Oil-Rubbed Bronze).  Plus, for those who want their tubs customized, we can paint your bathtub to match the color you choose.  There is no reason to have a boring bathroom that doesn't reflect the exciting and unique person you are.  Browse our Clawfoot Tub selection and decide which tub you want to order today!