Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

Check out our inventory of Modern Freestanding bathtub designs for your home. A Tub Connection bathtub will provide the look you have been hoping to find. Our goal is to provide "Affordable Elegance" in every home!

Our Freestanding Tubs may be placed anywhere in your room and are not attached to a wall, nor stuck in a corner. Some bathtubs are only attractive on one side while the others sides and ends are generally "unfinished" as they are to be put against a wall so just the one side is ever seen. Our tubs are freestanding in that they are made to stand in the space where ever you wish. Keep in mind where the waste water will drain and where the water supply lines will come up out of the floor, as this will affect the decision as to where the tub should be placed. Some Modern Tubs have an access panel on what would be considered as the back of the bathtub. Most bathtubs have an overflow hole which prevents the water from overflowing onto the floor if a faucet is left on. Be sure to check the ordinances in your town or county to ascertain whether or not an overflow hole is a necessity. Having this knowledge will help you make the best purchasing decision regarding your bathtub.

Here you will find bathtubs which have the appearance of a fine piece of interactive art. The slipper tub is a bathtub which is raised on one end of the tub, enabling a single person to recline in the tub. A double slipper tub is when both ends of the tub sweep up allowing two people to recline in the tub, one at either end. A single slipper faucet will commonly be at the non-slipper end of the tub. The non-slipper end of the tub is also where the drain hole is located, so positioning the faucet over the drain opening makes excellent sense. A Double Slipper Bathtub has the drain hole in the center of the bathtub and also perhaps offset to one side. The faucet for a Double Slipper needs to be in the center on the side to ensure that the water can flow into the tub conveniently if there are two individuals in the tub. Also, in the case of a deckmount faucet. the holes will be on the rim of the tub on the only flat or prepared spot. When it comes to a single slipper tub a flat spot at the lower end of the tub may have holes drilled in it.

How Can I Get One?

There is much to know about these beautiful Modern Freestanding Tubs and you can learn more by calling our toll free number, 877-795-5684.  Call right now to speak with our friendly staff and be sure to ask about our FREE Shipping policy.

It is possible that you may have seen a tub similar to our lovely freestanding styles in your local box store or perhaps in a big name hardware and home furnishing store. It is most likely that they don't have the tub in stock. It will need to be ordered from their supplier. Why not cut out the middleman and go directly to the supplier? 

You can place your order directly with us as we provide you the low, low prices that you will not get if you purchase your tub from someone else. The prices that you see on our site is all you pay if you live in the contiguous USA. You get shipping FREE if you order from us (orders being shipped in Missouri are subject to state sales tax).

We also know how discouraging it is to call a business and find yourself in an automated loop. We won't do that to you. When you call us, you get to speak with a real person. Ask your questions and get answers that make sense and satisfy your understanding. You can ask questions regarding products, shipping, returns, anything that clarifies purchasing any of our products. Call us toll free 877.795.5684 and place your order today.