72 Inch Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Bathtub – Copper Henry 01

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72 Inch Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Bathtub – Copper Henry

Temporarily out of stock Call us to pre-order, 1-877-795-5684

You will fall in love with this double ended copper bronze clawfoot tub that is big enough for two. 

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This amazing tub is one of our biggest tubs. If your bathroom is big you can place this freestanding tub anywhere in the room and it will look stunning. The trend today is to have our fabulous tub in front of a fireplace, in a sun room or in a garden. Of course, you can always install it in the bathroom, too! The dual ends make it possible for two to relax at each end of the tub. If you are bathing alone you can really stretch out in this 72-inch tub.

One option for this vintage tub design is the popular freestanding British Telephone Faucet;  TTC398463.  If the tub you order has faucet holes on the rim of the tub, then you will want to look at deck-mount style faucets.

NEW Copper Bronze Henry Clawfoot Tub:

Copper Faux finish on exterior
Gorgeous Top Quality Porcelain Interior
Double Ended Tub (dimensions of 30" x 72”)
Cast Iron Tub Construction weighing in at 375 Pounds (without water)
Clawfeet comes in Oil Rubbed Bronze
In-Stock and available with FREE SHIPPING!
Unless you purchase one of our plumbing packages above, this Bathtub Requires a Drain & Overflow Assembly.
Our drain assembly TTC1900LTB 
14 inches to Overflow
Full Manufacturers Warranty
56 Gallon Capacity

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Custom Tubs

Personalized bathtubs that require more than just a solitary color in order to manufacture will take up to 6 weeks to ship given the skillfulness entailed so as to accommodate the request. An example of this is Copper Bronze finish tub. Processing shall begin after a purchase order is received.

A quicker customization processing time can be available upon request for a special expense of $150.00. This payment will NOT cover the charge connected with expedited shipping or delivery of a tub or the associated materials. Doing this will trim the time in order to produce by about one-half. Because of varying time-restraints regarding custom designing a tub, we aren't able to guarantee exact date & time.

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A stylish acrylic or cast iron Free standing claw bathtub is among the most stunning & unique tub types that you can make a selection from. These tubs are frequently found inside of the master bathrooms of the beautifully renovated homes. They are really budget friendly and are always an excellent bathtub any room, large or small-sized. A hot water bath is definitely a great technique to soak out the tender areas of the job plus it can promote a calming mood. Along with the good health perks, soaker bath tubs are truly an exquisite focal point in the bath room.

You can select from deep soaker bath tubs that include a wide range of associated options that will create the style that you prefer for your bath room.


A Dual-ended classic bath tub appears very similar to the traditional rolled rim bath tub. There are a few differences to this. Dual ended bath tubs are created so that a faucet is placed on the side of the tub in the middle instead of at the end of the bath tub. Unlike the vintage rolled rim bath tubs which have one end for reclining, a Dual ended tub has both ends manufactured to allow an individual to recline while they take a bath. Dual-ended bath tubs have more room than the rolled rim models. This is because they are often longer in length. This added room makes for a more enjoyable experience.

A few of the other features you will need to think about other than style is going to be the height and the diameter of the bath tub to be sure it fills the permitted space adequately and to be sure you are able to stretch out inside it in comfort.

Depending on the maker, the clawfeet on the tub might be extremely ornamented or maybe much more simple. Don't forget to examine the feet on the tub carefully to be familiar with the possibilities. The clawfeet may be painted in order to complement or contrast with the bath tub.

Faucet Options:

If you don't know much about how bath tub faucets can be mounted, please take a look at the definitions below:

  • Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: The rim of a soaking tub is also called the "deck", which is why a faucet mounted on the rim of a bath tub is called a "deck mount" faucet.
  • Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is mounted in openings that are drilled in the walls of the tub. This kind of faucet should not be confused with Wall Mount Faucets, which are described below.
  • Wall Mount Faucets: The wall of your bathroom must be drilled into to mount this style of faucet, but no holes will need to be drilled in the tub itself.
  • Freestanding Faucets: This type of faucet does not require that holes be drilled into the tub or bathroom wall; the faucet is mounted on a stand. All of these bathtub faucets are available in Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel; additional choices are available upon request.

It doesn't matter which claw foot tub you get, it really will be elegant and will increase the worth of your home.

Tips On Cleaning Your Cast iron:
It is essential to know the best ways to look after your cast iron tub. Always keep chemicals off of the porcelain as high as possible. We suggest that you utilize just non-abrasive products to clean your tub. First, let me instruct you just what not to use. Do not use anything that is abrasive like Comet, Bar Keepers Friend, or Zud. These products may etch and de-shine the finish on your tub.

Some kind of baking soda blend or vinegar if you like the concept of non-chemical cleaning. Tea Tree Oil and various other all-natural products are highly recommended, however, make certain to confirm they are harmless to use on metals.

As suggested clean any cleaning products off and rinse out well.

Anytime your bath tub or shower drain is blocked with tangled hair and debris right at the top of the drain it has to be cleared out. Work with a set of needle nosed pliers to grab any noticeable clogs and pull them from the drain. Get as much of the debris that you are able to use the pliers. Run some water into the tub and monitor the speed at which it drains.

When extra treatment is needed you can pour a pot of steaming hot water down your drain. Dump in about 1/2 c. baking soda.Then, put around 1 c. vinegar as well as quickly cover with a drain stopper (to keep the reaction down in the drain pipe) if you have one and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Flush one more time with a pan of hot water. Cleanse with a soft dry rag to see the shine.

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Temporarily out of stock Call us to pre-order, 1-877-795-5684

You will fall in love with this double ended copper bronze clawfoot tub that is big enough for two. 

View or Download the Clawfoot GuideDrain Guide 

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PDF Link Clawfoot Installation Guide, Drain & Overflow Assembly Guide
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